Rental Caravans Vehicles

Season 2020


Length ca. 665 cm, weight 1500 kg
A Rental per week 350.00 Euro

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Length ca. 713 cm, weight 1750 kg
B Rental per week 350.00 Euro

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Length ca. 690 cm, weight 1550 kg
C Rental per week 350.00 Euro

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Season: 01.03. - 30.10.2021

Calendar 2021

Rental price plus one-time handover/service rate
(2 gas fillings, exterior wash, vehicle familiarisation)
50.00 Euro

Handover:  Fridays between 2:00 / 6:00 pm
Return:Fridays between 9:00 / 12:00 am

The times agreed in the rental agreement must be observed. Losses that occur due to late return shall be borne by the lessee and will be at least € 50 per commenced hour.

Rental conditions:
In the time from 10 June to 01 September the minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

Deposit (due in cash on handover): 1,000.00 Euro
Advance payment (on booking): 250.00 Euro

Insurance cover:
Fully comprehensive (own damage) with excess 1,000.00 Euro
Partially comprehensive (theft/break in) with excess 250.00 Euro

Sun canopy, electric cable 220 V, universal car mirror, 2 gas bottles 5 kg

The vehicles are handed over in clean condition. We expect a cleaned interior on return and if applicable a clean and emptied toilet. Smoking is not allowed in our caravans - we appreciate your understanding.

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Phone: 04307 - 8125  
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"Vacation package" protection
are bookable. Ask us!